The Baleen Filter is a highly-efficient non-pressurised self-cleaning solution for separating solids from wastewater streams, and offers several compelling benefits and advantages over conventional systems.

It was designed to overcome problems with traditional systems of treating industrial and municipal wastewaters, which typically involve segregation of contaminants by less effective settling or flotation methods, which can create adverse effects like increased odours, and significant maintenance issues, such as sludge handling.

From a commercial perspective, Baleen Filter based solutions for industrial wastewater treatment typically provide a payback within 12-24 months, with much reduced costs for maintenance of wastewater treatment systems, increased water recycling/reuse and easy recovery of by-products.

The Baleen Filter:

  • Is environmentally friendly (reduced or no chemicals required);
  • Has a small physical footprint thus saving valuable land;
  • Is simplicity in industrial wastewater management.

Filtration and separation equipment may be divided into two classes; those that offer a “process” use, and those that offer a “utility” use. Most “process” applications are very-specific to industry, whereas “utility” applications are simply characterized by the nature of the fluid, and are relatively independent of industry. The Baleen Filter falls into the “Process” filter category.