Treating Wastewater

There are generally three stages to treating wastewater, primary, secondary and tertiary, with each stage requiring some form of filtration or separation methodology. The Baleen Filter can be used at any of these stages:

Primary treatment: to separate visible, settleable constituents.

Secondary treatment: to remove fine suspended and/or soluble constituents.

Tertiary treatment: to produce water acceptable for a a specified purpose/subsequent use, which in many cases requires pre-filtration to less than 0.1mm (100 micron or 140 Mesh).

Treating Wastewater
1000 micron = 1mm or 1/25″. This diagram demonstrates what size particles the Baleen Filter separates from water. It indicates the position of the Baleen Filter in the water filtration spectrum.

Key Points

  • The Baleen Filter can be employed as a pre-filtration device for higher level filtering systems and for cleanup of backwash streams using flocculation techniques.
  • The Baleen Filter can be seen as the “missing link” between coarse screening (above 2mm) and micro-filtration (below 20 micron).
  • The Baleen Filter technology provides non-pressurised separation to 25 microns without chemical assistance and to 3 microns with chemical assistance.
  • The Baleen Filter technology removes suspended organics, fines, bacterium and sands from wastewater streams.